Arjen Slijp

Arjen Slijp
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Arjen Slijp (1968) suffered from the Chronisch Fatigue Syndrome for years. Today he gives workshops, lectures and personal sessions about your Inner Liberation. He lives in Bussum with his girlfriend and son.


Arjen Slijp suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS) for years. He went to different doctors and therapists but all to no avail. He researched means to get well and read everything that came on his way on the subject of healing oneself. Only after he removed the blockade that caused his illness - a reservoir of emotional hurt - could he start to recover.

Arjen discovered that everyone may have different problems, the cause and solution are the same. Based on that thought he developed the Inner Liberation. The method is as simple as it is effective: let your (old) emotional hurt come out, learn to see through the lies your ego tells you and you will experience your essence: freedom, love, strength.

The Inner Liberation cannot be used as an alternative to regular medicine, but can have a healing effect on illness, depression and trauma. It can also help you to create opportunities more easily, such as finding a job or a partner.

272 pages | ISBN 978-90-225-5401-2 | August 2011

An English language synopsis or sample translation is available on request.