Clairy Polak

Clairy Polak
Renowned journalist and television presenter

Clairy Polak (1956) is a Dutch journalist and radio- and television presenter. She is best known for current affairs programs as NOVA and Buitenhof and from Het Filosofisch Kwintet. In 1998 she was acclaimed as the best radio maker of the year by Radio 1, in 2010 she received the Sonja Barend Award for best television interview and in 2014 she accepted the Silver Travel Microphone for her entire oeuvre.


The first encounter between Leo and Judith leads to an almost symbiotic kind of love – unexpected, given their entirely different backgrounds. For 25 years nothing comes between them, until Leo is diagnosed with Alzheimer – with all its devastating consequences.

Both Leo and Judith find themselves confused and overwhelmed by their terrible new reality. Leo’s past is rapidly slipping away from him, despite Judith’s desperate attempts to preserve their lives and love from oblivion. With great courage and a healthy dose of self-deprecation, Judith perseveres in reshaping her own future.. With Leo’s stories from childhood and her own memories of their life together as a guide, she attempts to give more depths to the image of Leo’s fading life and create a new starting point for their new lives..
A powerful, tender and honest novel about the severe effect of Alzheimer on a marriage