Erik Rozing

Erik Rozing
Debut novel about the fascinating world of psychiatry

Erik Rozing (1976) studied medicine in Maastricht and specialized in Leiden as a psychiatrist. His work focuses on treatment of psychosis and trauma. The Psychiatrist and the Girl is his debut novel.


The life of young doctor Edgar Simons doesn't look too bright. His girlfriend left him and his training as a psychiatrist has hit the rocks: he is under supervision after a misjudgment with fatal consequences. It's not easy to convince his trainer that he is still suitable for the job. On top of that he tries to support his grandmother, who regularly calls him when she has had too much to drink, saying she doesn't want to live anymore.

Edgar himself is not free from psychiatric problems - he has a depression and is drinking more than he finds acceptable of his patients. Increasingly, he wonders whether he is even cut out to become a psychiatrist.

Then he gets to treat Stella, a young, attractive borderline patient with an infectious sense of humour. Stella is boundless and penetrates deep into Edgar's life. She fascinates him, he captivates her. He needs to keep her at a distance, but how?