Maartje Willems

Maartje Willems
Quarterlife Crisis and First World Problems

After a promising internship at the United Nations, Maartje Willems became a telephonist, and then ended up in journalism. From now on everything will be better is her debut.


Why do you hide food for yourself? Why does everyone have a personal crisis every three months? With what do I fill my Instagram account? How do I deal with social obligations? And do I have to buy a car or will I keep struggling with the National Rail Service?

We live in a first world country and we're always ranking high on the list of happiest people in the world, but there are still many big and small issues that we regularly encounter.

Maartje Willems describes in her book From now on everything will be better the many moments in her life when she is struggling. Her issues lead to numerous hilarious discoveries, practical solutions and reasoning-out problems (which you could not call problems with good decency. At most annoying bumps on a well-constructed road).