Michiel Stroink

Michiel Stroink
Funny, dark, absurd society

Michiel Stroink (1981) graduated in Literary Theory at the University of Utrecht and works as a communication trainer and copywriter. As a student, he taught Dutch and Social Studies to convicts sentenced to involuntary psychiatric treatment for over four years. His observations and the unusual stories he heard then inspired him to write his debut novel As If I'm Crazy.

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Successful young artist Benjamin is baffled when he is sentenced to involuntary psychiatric treatment. He cannot believe that he is guilty of what he is accused of-yet he can't remember anything because of the fair amount of alcohol and drugs he took that fatal evening.

Life at the clinic is absurd and merciless. Despite his attempts not to get involved with anyone, the confrontations between the other patients do affect him.

Benjamin gradually regains grip on his own reality, and he is shocked when he realizes what a antisocial narcissist he used to be. He starts to resemble a human being again, and changes into a man who seemingly has his feet firmly on the ground. Then he receives a letter which makes the foundations of his world shake once again. What is the real truth?

As If I'm Crazy is a fluently written debut novel, witty yet critical of the social structure, about a man who doesn't know whom or what to believe any longer. Sample translation available.


Translation rights sold to: Russia (TEXT Publishers)

For failed writer Abel Schreuder, the only way to escape his life without ambition is getting lost. After a visit to his demented grandmother in the nursing home, he lets fate decide and travels via Hanover to the shadowy ruin festivals of Berlin. In this self-created maze he meets femme fatale Eve, backpack-professional Jerry and many other lost souls which help him get lost too.

Meanwhile, he is looking for an explanation for his urge to get lost, and begins to write about his father and his grandfather. Three generations of men who appear to be virtually nothing alike, but are inextricably linked. Slowly, his journey is starting to make more sense, but why does it seem that every step he takes into the distance seems to bring him closer to home?