Mila van Oosten

Mila van Oosten
Autobiographical novel about depression

Mila van Oosten (1979, pseudonym) lives in Amsterdam and works as a copywriter at an advertising agency (where she writes ads for antidepressants she takes herself). She studied communication science at the University of Amsterdam - a study which she wouldn't recommend to anyone - and followed a course in Creative Writing.


Mila van Oosten seems to have it all: the looks, a nice apartment in Amsterdam, a job at a hip advertising agency and a new lover. On the outside, the picture seems perfect, but in the meantime Mila tries to deal with the demons in her head, with her depression. How do you enjoy a new love, when you need all your energy to deal with yourself?

How to reassure your family, when you're not too sure about it yourself? In her autobiographical novel Everything seemed normal, Mila shows how she dances through life, how she doubts, loves and tries to accept herself as she is.


'In Everything seemed normal, Mila van Oosten provides an intimate glimpse of her life and her thoughts. (...) She describes her thoughts and feelings honestly and accurately. She often feel like "An empty shell that has nothing to offer," but that empty shell can write darn good!' Psychology Magazine.

'An honest, persuasive and gripping novel."

'Unputdownable.' ****