Nathalie Pagie

Nathalie Pagie
Crime, Suspense

Nathalie Pagie is a promising new thriller writer. Her debut The Theatre Club (De Toneelclub) received numerous praising reviews. After writing The Campus, she started an ongoing series about journalists Tara and Diego. All books in the series are bestsellers: Birds of Paradise, Casa Familia, Rio Grande and The Trip. Casa Familia and her first stand alone thriller Ice Angel won her the Thrillzone Award for Best Dutch Thriller. Over 250,000 copies were sold of her work in The Netherlands and Flanders.

January 2020 her latest thriller North Cape was published. A new Scandinavian thriller is scheduled for November 2020, Helsinki.

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More than 250,000 copies of her books sold in Netherlands and Flanders

'One of the best Dutch thriller authors around.’ M.J. Arlidge


North Cape Ten top criminals. A secret experiment. The Northern Light

The police don’t have any clues, when the frozen corpse of a man is found in Hammerfest, Norway. Nobody knows who he is and in the body some traces are found from a chemical, which does not occur in Europe. It is ibogaine, an extract which is found in the roots of a West-African plant. Professor Aage Haugen, who did research on this topic and knows the risks of the chemical, starts an investigation. This leads him to the freezing North Cape, where a scientific experiment takes place with ten criminals unknown to the outside world.

Press on North Cape:

‘Pagie is an excellent writer. North Cape features convincing dialogue, wonderful play with language, nail-biting suspense and a thrilling climax. Pagie is imaginative and has a great instinct for timing. Through it all, she challenges readers to question: who are the real criminals here? The murderers, or the scientists?’

‘Chills to the bone.’

‘Pagie mesmerizes her readers from the first page. North Cape is an ingenious thriller with a strong plot, fascinating characters and a gorgeous setting that truly comes alive. This book belongs to the best that Dutch thriller writing has to offer.’

‘A claustrophobic drama full of underlying tension.’ Zin

An icecold kidnap. A deserted hotel. Winter in Sweden.

The brutal kidnapping of mediamogul Berndt Müller has upset all of Sweden. His desperate wife and daughters, against the advice of the police, communicate with the kidnappers. But after the ransom has been paid nothing happens; there is still no trace of Berndt.

The situation takes a turn for the worse when it becomes clear that every kidnapper has their own motive for the crime. In the meantime a little girl discovers that Berndt is being held on a desert island off the coast of Göteborg. Rescue seems at hand, but the girl is just as much a captive as he…

Press on Nathalie Pagie:

"A good old-fashioned tale of suspence in a modern style" VN Detective en Thriller Gids

"Pagie has absolute control. The book must be finished. The utmost pleasure."

Headstrong journalist Tara Linders travels to Aruba for a report on young successful careerists . When she meets a Flemish girl in distress, she comes across a completely different story.

With the help of her colleague Diego Martinez, Tara investigates this story, and she discovers the dark side of the island. The luxury island life appears to be a bubble. When the residents turn against her, she must fight for her life.

Press on Birds of Paradise:

'Sizzling suspense in paradise.' BN / De Stem

A survival weekend in the Belgian Ardennes seem to be the perfect opportunity for journalist Tara Linders to get to know her new colleagues. However, she hates doing group activities and prefers to explore the area by herself. For Tara's colleague Diego Martinez, this weekend is the perfect distraction from his problems at home.

When Tara interferes with a slugfest in the local pub, she meets a couple of crooks who obviously aren't very happy with snoopers. What are they hiding? And what's going on in the empty hospital in the forest? Tara and Diego start to investigate. The grim discovery of a child's hand quickly leads to Spain, where the head of the operation is hiding. Will Tara and Diego manage to find him before any other victims are made?

When her former colleague Diego Martinez goes missing, journalist Tara Linders doesn’t hesitate for a second. She has to go to Mexico, where he was last seen. Diego ended his relationship and left home to travel through his father’s homeland. The goal: to find out what he really wants – freedom and adventure, or a settled-down family life. Wilful Tara misses her partner in crime and seizes the opportunity to follow him with both hands.

Initially, her boss has his doubts – nowhere in the world are journalists targeted as often as in Mexico – but he yields when the chance at a worldwide scoop arises. There’s one condition: she’s not going alone, mysterious undercover agent Jay will accompany her. Together, they cross the vast landscapes of Mexico, where danger is always just around the corner. When an anonymous tip leads them to the notorious motor gang Escorpiones and it turns out Diego’s life is on the line, things take a turn for the worst.

In a weekend in the Belgian Ardennes journalist Tara Linders and Diego Martinez meet a few unsavory types who are obviously hiding something, but what? And what is taking place in the abandoned hospital in the middle of the forest? The macabre finding of a child’s hand leads them to Andalucía in Spain, where the mastermind behind the entire operation is hiding. Will Tara and Diego find him before more victims will fall?

An extreme adventure program filmed on Hawaii takes a turn for the worst…

Journalists Tara Linders and Diego Martinez are on Hawaii for the TV recordings of an extreme adventure program The Trip. Tara is there to cover the show for the newspaper where Diego works as an editor. When one of the candidates is injured, Diego takes his place.

Whilst he puts his life on the line in the programme’s dangerous challenges, Tara tracks down a commune, led by the eccentric Cassandra. Its members appear to be completely under their leader’s spell, and Tara is intrigued.

Then, disaster strikes. Mauna Loa, the biggest volcano in the world, erupts much earlier than predicted and everyone must flee the island immediately. When one of the commune members is found dead and a TV-crew-member goes missing, chaos takes over. Does the commune have something the hide? What is Cassandra’s role in the mysterious disappearance? Tara and Diego decide to stay on the island until they find out the truth, but the time to leave safely is running out. Fast.

Law student Cleo is headed to Canada to take some elective courses at the University of Alberta for five months. Initially she is very happy, until the morning one of Cleo's professors is found dead. The police presume suicide but when her assistant dies under horrific circumstances a full fledged murder investigation is started and things at campus start to turn ugly. As the broody Indian Summer fades into the chill of winter and temperatures turn to below zero Cleo is caught in a web of intrigue in which no one is who they appear to be. Will Cleo succeed in surviving the cold and leaving the campus alive?


'A pearl to add to your thriller collection.'


After a bad breakup Elin is looking to start all over again. She finds a job as a graphic designer and moves to a new city. Trying hard to forget about her past, especially David - her charming but violent ex-boyfriend - Elin immerses herself in her new life. Everything is going rather smoothly, her job is exciting and Elin decides to pick up her old love of acting by joining a theatre club. Unfortunately she meets an old acquaintance, jogging memories she'd rather leave buried. She must take matters into her own hands to avoid becoming a victim again. Will she be able to deal with her past, once and for all?


'A successful thriller debut.' Havenloods

'Sheer curiosity will make you race through this book and have it finished in no time.'

'This Dutch debut is a promise for great things to come.' Esta