Nol de Jong

Nol de Jong
Thrillingly dark novels

Nol de Jong (1947) writes and is a psychologist (promoted in medicine). He debuted in 2000 and had written several books since. He lives and works in Amsterdam and the South of France.


Asjkenazi is an unremarkable young man who grows up in a country town. After his studies he gets a job as an assistant civil servant of the Youth and Custody Department. After a night spent in stellar drunkenness, he takes a decision: he will become important. He dresses differently and behaves in a new proud manner, starts a complicated affair with two woman and develops a method to re-educate disadvantaged kids to respectable adults. This project is supposed to be the definite breakthrough to become a man of status. On the way up he spares no one.
With an ironic view and psychological insight Nol de Jong describes the life of a man who wants to fly but eventually crashes. 'The disastrous length of Philip Asjkenazi' is a thrilling, at times macabre, novel on how far a person will go to reach their goal.

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