Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven
A reconstruction of the life of Jesus

Paul Verhoeven is a widely recognised and successful film director. His most recent achievement is the award winning movie Black Book (2006). He also directed Basic Instinct (1992) starring Sharon Stone, and RoboCop starring Peter Weller (1987).


Rights sold to: Seven Stories Press (USA), Au forges de vulcane (France), Pendo Verlag (Germany), Marsilio Editori (Italy), Guerra e Paz (Portugal), Younglim Cardinal (Korea), Nyitott Konyvmuhely (Hungary), Edhasa (Spain), Flower City (China), Sphinx (Egypt), Ves Mir (Russia), Into Publishing (Finland).

This bestselling and highly acclaimed book requires only the slightest of introductions. Both the author - one of Hollywood's most famous film directors, Paul Verhoeven - and the theme - Jezus, a key figure in the formation of our tradition and culture - are widely recognized and renowned. And now these two figures have come together to make an extraordinary read that is well founded (twenty years of research) as well as accessibly written and very engaging. With this work Verhoeven succeeds in deconstructing the Christian tradition and thereby exposing its main holy figure as the product of spin doctors and conspirators. Though the intentions of the book are undeniably controversial, the candor in Verhoeven's voice has the ability to convince even the most sceptical readers. Strongly recommended.