Petra Vollinga

Petra Vollinga
co-parenting expert with a sense of humour

Petra Vollinga (1969) studied Dutch language and literature in Leiden. She worked for Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Flow Magazine. Lately she works as a copywriter for several advertising agencies and brands. Previously she published several non-fiction books about divorce. Today it will be dry is her first novel.


A refreshing and pragmatic look at co-parenting after divorce.

Every year approximately 70,000 children in the Netherlands who live at home are told by their parents that mom and dad are getting divorced. About 27% of the parents chooses for co-parenting. But how do you go about it?

In The ultimate, practical guide to co-parenting parents receive the guidance they are looking for. With interviews with experts through experience, tips, advice and not forgetting the practical things. A list on the refrigerator with five most important houserules, the big vacationplanner and coupons. With the necessary lightheartedness, but also with serious guidelines.

Confer. Put your ego aside. And do what is best for your children, is what this book urges. In a positive, matter of fact way, that you can adopt right away as the divorced parent who wants to do it right.


'Co-parenting is great and difficult at the same time. Petra Vollinga gets that and has written a positive and practical book on this subject.' - Flow Magazine

'Reading this you realise: this is the proof that a sense of humour can get you through everything.' - Esta magazine

'Learning conflict control is important for co-parents too. This book can (hopefully) help with that.' - Ed Spruijt, researcher on divorce at Utrecht University.