Ralf Mohren

Ralf Mohren
Bukowski in The Low Lands

Ralf Mohren (1970) studied Dutch language and Literature at the University of Utrecht and teaches at a secondary school. He has previously written a book on two members of Dutch band Rowwen Hèze. He and his family live in Eindhoven.


Arthur Poolman is an alcoholic. In his world booze is king. It started in the weekends: let it all hang out. But it can't be Friday night every day of the week. His job wakes him up during the week but he needs more and more drink to function. He starts losing control of his fears and his feelings of shame and drinks even more to forget. Arthur falls deeper and deeper, to the point where his family cannot reach him anymore, till he hits bottom. He has only one choice left: never drink again or lose everything he has.

´A gripping, poignant account on Vinex-alcoholism, sure to leave a lasting impression.' ***** Nieuwe Revu

'They are only words on paper, as Bukowski's words go, but Jesus they really hit home.' Linda Magazine

'Ralf Mohren is Bukowski in The Low Lands. What a brave book: it leaves you with an enormous hangover, and the only thing that can offer some relief is another book by Ralf Mohren.' Frank Lammers (actor)

'This books quenches all thirst,' Myrthe van der Meer, author of PAAZ

An uncompromising tale of rootlessness, alienation and loss

Curaçao, the late nineties. Arthur Poolman has started as a teacher in a local high school. His expectations are high: in Curaçao he will finally detach himself from his roots - though he struggles to get a grip on the harsh atmosphere on the island. He falls under the influence of the mysterious and rebellious Ralph Veerman, rushing with him to the dark corners of the island. At the same time, it is hard to keep The Netherlands out: his father isn't doing too well, although he's been trying to hide this from his son.

On a sweltering Curaçao, Arthur seeks redemption in Antillean literature, the women of Campo Alegre and alcohol. On the dark day of the eclipse in 1998, he searches for light: on the top of Mount Christoffel he finally comes loose.