As Long As There Is Life - The Second Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen - 85 Years

As Long As There Is Life - The Second Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen - 85 Years

Hendrik Groen is back!

Everyone got to know Hendrik Groen thanks to his diary Attempts to Make Something of Life. Together with his friend Evert and the other members of the Old-but-not- dead-club, Hendrik tries to make his last years in a retirement home in the north of Amsterdam as pleasant as possible. Sometimes it's hard for Hendrik to keep his spirits up.

Fortunately, he has picked up his pen again. With his characteristically charming, ironic humor and critical eye he observes his fellow residents, the management team, his friends, and old age in general. And he definitely does not spare himself.


Funny, heart-warming secret diaries of an old man

Hendrik Groen started his first diary on the literary website of Torpedo Magazine and was spotted by Publishing House Meulenhoff. He says about his novel: 'Not a sentence is lied, but not every word is true.' That diary. The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 831/4 Years old, was published in 2014 and was an enormous success: there is an actual Hendrik Groen fan club, foreign rights were sold to more than 35 countries, a television series was produced, it was adapted into a play by Bos Theater Productions and it received the NS Public Prize 2016. His second diary, As Long as There is Life, has been a bestseller since its publication. His diaries have sold over half a million copies in the Netherlands and Flanders. His novel Live and Let Live was published in June 2018 and immediately rose to first place in the bestsellerlist. Hendrik Groen is a pseudonym.

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