Wanderings of a Greek Hero - Dooltocht van een Griekse held

Wanderings of a Greek Hero - Dooltocht van een Griekse held

In this book Aafjes follows the travels of Odysseus. For the reader curious about the real setting of the dramatic events that occurred nearly three thousand years ago, Aafjes is the perfect tour guide. He experiences the same landscapes as in ancient times, visits the same bays, feels the wind blowing from the same direction and follows the exact currents the legendary Odysseus traveled.

Along with his acclaimed Dutch translation of the Odyssey , his wanderings in the footsteps of Odysseus is definitely one of the highlights of Aafjes' oeuvre.


Sparkling fifties travelogues and poetry

Bertus Aafjes (1914 - 1993) started a study to become a priest, but started getting doubts about his priesthood destination and embarked on a journey to Rome on foot. He studied archeology in Rome and Louvain and began writing poetry. He lived the Mediterranean life, roamed through Italy, Greece and Egypt and wrote many stories about his encounters. Aafjes is also known for his Dutch translation of Homer's Odyssey. Travelogues gained a place in Dutch literature thanks to his work. He also explored the United States and Japan, the latter resulting in his Judge Ooka mystery stories.